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Gunnar Norskog is an American writer of Scandinavian descent. As a child, his mother encouraged him to tell people he was a Viking. Teachers tried correcting him: "You mean you're Swedish and Norwegian." He would reply, "Yes. I am, and German too. And I am part Viking." In fact, one of his family lines, the Nordskogs (later Americanized to Norskog) traces back to the 1100's and true Viking warriors. Possibly only a writer of dark fantasy and speculative fiction would revel in the idea that his ancestors had spilled a lot of blood and pillaged their way across Europe.

Gunnar is a member of Team Arsenic, the Clarion West Class of 2016. He writes horror, science fiction, dark fantasy, and literary speculative works. He's gained experience editing and publishing for several magazine and book publishers. He regularly attends WorldCon, StokerCon, World Horror Con, World Fantasy, Wiscon, and other regional conventions. Wanderlust is strong in him, but at the moment he lives amongst the red mountains and petrified dunes of Southern Utah, where he hikes fanatically. His hometown is Mound, Minnesota, a frozen tundra surrounded by marshes and lakes that must have seemed like home to his Viking forebears.

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Gunnar Norskog

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